LU.PA was born in 2017 from the alliance between the two artists Lulù Nuti and Pamela Pintus. LU.PA explores, through the relationship with the «other», inherent to the duo’s nature, dynamics, languages and tools from the contemporary world, in order to analyse the systems that regulate nowadays’ relationships.
That’s why the LU.PA’ s projects arise from performative actions, rituals, during which the public becomes an inherent part of the construction’s
process of a piece of art. Their union has been publicly set in 2018, giving officially birth to LU.PA through a genius visual manifesto, a 24 hours
performance called OLO, during which the two artists get unify together in a drawn danse. In that purpose, a white cube had been built, overlooking
the street at Spazio Y, in Rome.
In July 2018, LU.PA is invited at Spoleto (it) to take part to ASTRA VOL.I, on the occasion of Festival dei due Mondi, and realize Luco, a multimedia
installation, and a performance named Parla.
The web is one of the favourite LU.PA’s tools, which it uses as a place of research, fascinated by the discovery of the new connections that the Web
returns. The duo carries out a meta-reflection on its products and processes, highlighting the semantic and semiotic short-circuit that the concepts and words undergo inside, and often uses it as a terrain of action like it happened for Nodum, a transmediale project realized in 2018 for Apulia Land Art Festival, curated by Carmelo Cipriani. At the end of the same year Musée Zadkine in Paris hosts the duo’s first performance in a Public Institution Sans Titre (Zadkine) commissioned by the Museum’s director Noëlle Chabert and the independent curator Azad Asifovich.
In 2019 LU.PA’s work is exhibited inside Microcosmo.Visions of Contemporary Landscapes (group show at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Valmontone, It).

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Contemporay Attitude 2019 - Via Canelli, 25 20134 Milano P.IVA 10937820966
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Contemporay Attitude 2019 - Via Canelli, 25 20134 Milano P.IVA 10937820966
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