Ermanno Cristini is an artist who developed Roaming, a research project which had so far produced 22 exhibitions in museums and project-spaces in many european countries including MNAC Annexe, Bucharest; Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich; Musée Saint Denis, Paris; Riso Museum, Palermo; Forum Stadpark, Graz; Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica; Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne; Szeeman Archive, Maggia, etc.

The topics of negotiation are the main focus of his work and are developed in other experiences he produced, such as Dialogos ( This project made in 2010 an exhibition at Assab One, in Milan, in 2013 at MACT / CACT Center of Contemporay Art, Bellinzona (CH), in 2017 at Vitrina Deniska and Galerie Caesar, Olomouc (Cz); in 2018 at Current Space, Milan.

Since 2009, he opened his atelier inviting other artists to exhibit in the project The host and the Intruder, recently exhibited at PROGR in Bern. In 2011 he started a new project of “domestic” exhibits called Riss(e) (, which since 2014 it takes place in a “deposit of ideas” named Riss(e)- Zentrum. Since 2013 he is also working on the cycle of “hidden” exhibitions Prière de Toucher ( and on projects about the idleness named Doppio Stallo, which is starting in March 2016 in Milan at Nowhere Gallery and then in Naples, in 2016, at Primopiano Gallery , and is developing at PROGR, in Bern with Giancarlo Norese in the context of To be late Project, at the Cabaret Voltaire, in Zurich, in occasion of  Obsession Dada; in Rome with To be late Tutorial at MAXXI; at Thun, Konzepthalle 6 ,To be late – 100 Jahre Dada; in 2018 at Triennale di Milano, Hotello: abitare un ritardo, into the exhibition 999 domande sull’abitare contemporaneo.

Hi is co-ideator of project Walkabout which had produced some exhibition at Fondazione Fabbrica del Cioccolato, Blenio (CH), 2018; Lato, Center of Contemporay Art, Prato, 2019; Kunsthalle Lana-West (Bz), 2019.

Hi is co-ideator and curator of Strabismi and Walktable

Main pubblications:

Ermanno Cristini (a cura di), Walkabout 03 – Passo mobile, Kunsthalle West, Lana, La Centrale Edizioni 2019

Ermanno Cristini, Prière de toucher, La Centrale Edizioni 2019

AA.VV., Moto ondoso, La Centrale Edizioni, 2018

Ermanno Cristini, Francesca Petrolo (a cura di), Attimi di arresto, riss(e)-edizioni, 2019

Ermanno Cristini, Forse, La Centrale Edizioni 2019

Ermanno Cristini, Unidentified objects, La Centrale Edizioni, 2018

Ermanno Cristini, Giancarlo Norese (a cura di), Hotello somnia et labora: abitare un ritardo,La Centrale

Edizioni, 2018

  • Ermanno Cristini, Giancarlo Norese, Abitare un ritardo edition byLa Triennale di Milano, 2017
  • Ermanno Cristini, Walking the orizon (neapolitan suggestions and other phone sketches), riss(e)-edizioni, 2017
  • AA.VV.,Der gast und der eindringling. umgekehrtes spiel, Edition Atelier, Bern, 2015
  • AA.VV. In una parola. Frammenti di un’enciclopedia casuale, Benzoni Editore, 2014
  • Alessandro Castiglioni (a cura di), Isolario. Some geographical notes on the work of Barbara de Ponti, Postmedia Book, 2014
  • Giulia Brivio, Federica Bòragina (a cura di), Interno domestico. Mostre in appartamento,

Fortino Edition, 2016

  • Concetta Modica (a cura di),In pasto al presente, A&M bookstore Edizioni, 2013
  • Ermanno Cristini, Alessandro Castiglioni, Roaming. Sull’intermittenza dell’opera d’arte, Postmedia Book, 2013


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